Umoe Bioenergy

Umoe Bioenergy

Umoe Bioenergy is a company that seeks to always be in line with the changes of Our Society. Nowadays one of the greatest global concerns is to migrate from an economy based on fossil fuels, to one based on renewable energy sources and which have lower carbon emissions.

With this objective Umoe Bioenergy chose, in the Pontal of Paranapanema in the State of São Paulo, the city of Sandovalina to then start his contribution in this transition process to a low carbon economy and then established the first industrial unit producing Ethanol.

Currently Umoe has a production environment of approximately 44 thousand hectares of cultivated land with sugar cane and seen the company always following the good sector practices and the latest technological advances, Umoe has your harvest area since 2013 100 % mechanized.

In the industrial area, the company has a plant with a crushing capacity of 2.8 million tons of sugar cane, 230,000 m³ of ethanol and 60 megawatts per hour of electricity. With these products Umoe Bioenergy materializes its commitment to contribute to the sustainability of Our Planet and Future Generations, supplying today the Energy they will need to build our common future.

Another commitment of the company is the promotion of regional economic development that is materialized by having in his team almost 1,300 employees distributed among the cities of the Sandovalina micro-region. This entire population lives and, together with the company, stimulates the regional economy by demanding local products and services.

With all this synergy, Umoe Bioenergy, acting locally, aims to make his contribution in combating the global warming process. Sharing this global concern, the company has sought to make renewable fuels more accessible every day, contributing to the supply of low carbon energy and implementing hundreds of hectares of forest restoration. All of this contributing to the sustainability of the development in the regional economy.