Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

After a day on the Open Doors project, students from the Municipal School of Sandovalina released biodegradable balloons with seeds of native woods to help reforestation in the region.

Umoe Bioenergy wants to go beyond the factory walls and also invest in the communities close to our operations. We have a particular focus on issues related to knowledge and health. For example, the São José Operário project provides social assistance to approximately 140 children and teenagers in the city of Pirapozinho. The service offers Professional Courses about Environment, Citizenship and Family issues.

Umoe Bioenergy is also one of the few mills that provides an obligatory health plan for all our employees and their families. The health plan includes free surgeries, discount on medicines and all medical support needed in the state of São Paulo.

To encourage interaction between citizens and the company, we have developed a project named Open Doors. During a one day course, the participants get an introduction to the Umoe Bioenergy mill and our operations and receives information about the production technology, social responsibility practices, safety procedures and environmental protection programs. All to strengthen the relations and develop the dialogue between the company and society.

In addition, Umoe Bioenergy donates musical instruments and building materials for houses and local community centers.