Environmental certificate

Environmental certificate

Umoe Bioenergy was one of the first mills in Brasil to receive an Environmental certificate from the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in the autumn of 2010. Out of 400 sugar mills only five mills were granted the license which is required to be able to export to the USA. We are proud to be able to fulfill the strict criteria that EPA set out in terms of safety, environmentally friendly production and no direct deforestation in our fields. EPA has also classified sugar ethanol as an Advanced low carbon renewable biofuel.

Agro-Environmental Protocol

Green Energy Certificate

Legal Wood Certificate

Umoe Bioenergy receives state certificate for forest replacement

The «Legal Wood» certificate is awarded by the Department of the Environment of the State of Sao Paulo to companies that meet sustainability measures and reinstate all the wood used within one year.

According to the CEO of Umoe Bioenergy, Rubens Approbato, in addition to meeting state regulations, we have the concern and respect for watching and preserving the environment.

This certification reinforces the commitment of Umoe Bioenergy with society, to reach all levels of nature conservation and sustainability

says Approbato.