Another product extracted from Umoe's production process is the electricity generated from sugarcane bagasse biomass.

Sugarcane bagasse is a residue from the ethanol manufacturing process and is fully reused by Umoe, by burning it in specific boilers, generating steam and pressure for the production of clean and renewable electricity, without using of any fossil fuel.

Check below the process for the production of Biomass Electric Energy:

Some stages of agricultural production:

  • a) soil preparation and correction;
  • b) planting;
  • c) fertilization;
  • d) fertigation;
  • e) control of pests, diseases and weeds;

Umoe's cane fields are 100% mechanized, using high-performance harvesters, in addition to cutting-edge technologies (GPS, 4G communication, among others).

Efficient, low-carbon, high-capacity trucks are used to transport the sugarcane harvested from the cane fields to the industry.

The industrial process begins with the analysis of the quality of the raw material that arrives from the field, followed by the milling process, where all the juice existing in the plant will be extracted.

At this stage, the broth undergoes physical-chemical processes as a way of removing the mineral and vegetable impurities present.

The pure broth then receives a biochemical treatment, where the yeasts carry out the fermentation of the broth, generating CO2 and wine (ethanol + water).

The fermented wine is subjected to the centrifugation process, thus recovering the yeasts, separating them from the ethanol and water mixture that go on to distillation.

Through evaporation and condensation, ethanol is separated from the wine and from this process, hydrated ethanol (used in ethanol-powered vehicles) is produced.

When hydrated ethanol is subjected to the dehydration process, its water share is even more reduced, and thus gives rise to anhydrous ethanol (that which is mixed in gasoline).

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Agricultural production

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