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Faced with the global challenge, Umoe Bioenergy operates in the Ethanol market so that this renewable source becomes more competitive against fossil fuels.

Its industrial plant is designed for nominal annual production of up to about 230,000 cubic meters, in a mix between Anhydrous Ethanol (consumed together with gasoline) and Hydrated Ethanol (direct fuel).

This volume would be the equivalent of 230,000 1000 liter water tanks, enough to supply a fleet of 4.6 million cars with 50 liter fuel tanks.

In this way, Umoe helps Brazil to remain an international reference in renewable energy resources.

Umoe Bioenergy is proud to be able to produce clean and renewable energy, taking advantage of all the raw material cultivated in its sugarcane fields, contributing to regional, national and global development.

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houses lit up with the energy generated by Umoe.

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cars filled per year.

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34.127 tC

decarbonization Cbios.

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